Serenity Circle September 2019 - A staycation

September 18, 2019  •  6 Comments

While we didn't go away this summer, we did try to get out and about a bit more than usual. You know when you have visitors to stay and they say "is that place worth a visit or how about this one?" and you have to admit that you don't know because you haven't actually been?! Surely I'm not the only one who loves visiting all the sites when I'm on holiday but just never seems to get around to visiting local attractions when I'm at home?

Well it was finally time to take a "staycation", pretend that we were tourists and visit a popular spot on the Mediterranean coast for the day. We started by taking a trip on the ferris wheel. The view from the top was amazing, even though it was over all too soon.

Blog 1Blog 1 Then our little girl spotted a carousel nearby and there was no chance she would let us walk past it without taking a spin. She eschewed the horses and giraffes for a particularly vibrant fire truck.

Blog 2Blog 2 Then, a short drive along the coast took us to another town with houses seemingly clinging to the side of a cliff and a fantastic viewing point at the top of the "Corniche".

Blog 3Blog 3

Blog 4Blog 4 All in all, a lovely, relaxing day, documented with a few casual photos (rather than any attempts at an orchestrated photo shoot), as we remembered how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful region!

Please follow the circle to find out where my friend Eileen Critchley, Ohio photographer, has been finding Serenity this month.






What a wonderful day and beautifully captured. I think I need to do a little more staycationing!
Lori McLellan(non-registered)
I love discovering new places in our city and surrounding areas - it's so fun to be a tourist where you live. I'm so glad you went out and discovered the beauty near you.
Janet Broughton(non-registered)
Love your fairground images Jill, isn't it funny how fairgrounds are the same all over the world!
Joan Showers(non-registered)
Jill, I still laugh when I think about my mother who was raised in New York City and never went to the Statue of Liberty. I finally got her to go when my daughter was little, so yes, it is not uncommon to take advantage of what is almost in your back pocket.
Oh I love this, Jill! I'm a big believer on playing tourist in my own town :D And to have the Mediterranean as your backdrop, well, there are worse places to live/visit :) Beautiful images. I love the first and last one, and carousels are always fun!
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