Serenity Circle July 2019 - Letting Go of Perfection

July 17, 2019  •  5 Comments

I try to remind myself to take out my Lensbaby Edge 50 from time to time, but despite this, it has spent the better part of 3 years just sitting in the cupboard. We always seem to be in a hurry, racing out the door for some activity or other and my usual go-to lenses, the Sigma Art 20mm and the Nikkor 85mm are just, well, easier.

But this time, I remembered my Lensbaby as we were heading out for a cooling evening swim in the river. The past few weeks saw temperatures here reach 43°C (109,4°F), which is more than we're used to and the river is so less packed than the beach with tourists, no dangerous currents to worry about and are car is within easy reach if we forget towels / water bottles / snacks...

For a while, I sat quietly next to our dog Hector and watched my little girl play with my husband in the water - this is their favourite time of the week. I switched out my regular lens for the Lensbaby and time slowed down, as I concentrated on manual focusing, tilting the lens to try to catch some sun flare and trying to capture what the evening felt like, rather than what it just looked like. 

Lensbaby imageLensbaby image

It's far from perfect and I still have a long way to go to get to grips with the focusing and tilting of this lens, but it's definitely a very peaceful way to spend an evening shooting! Do you use any Lensbaby lenses and if so, what's your favourite?

Please follow the circle to find out where my friend Nadeen Flynn, northern California fine art photography has been finding Serenity this month. 





Joan Showers(non-registered)
I can't believe it's taken me this long to look at our Serenity Project. What a magical time for all of you.
Dallas Denoo(non-registered)
This is so lovely. What a nice spot. Hope you are cooling off there. We are hitting 105 F today.
Yikes, that is hot!
I love this image, beautiful moment and connection! I love how you used your Lensbaby. I love my Lensbaby lenses. I hope you will bring yours out more often! Beautiful, Jill!
What a fun, image of your husband and daughter in the water with that huge inflated flamingo! Your use of the Lensbaby is fantastic for adding some additional whimsy.
This is just fab Jillian. I really love the warm summer atmosphere you captured here. What a gorgeous spit. That flamingo is brilliant too and that sunflare is g really gorgeous.

I'm still coming to grips with the Sol 45. Took it with me for my post this week. We were on the same wavelength. I have the Sweet 35 too but I rarely use it.
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