Serenity Circle - May 2019

May 15, 2019  •  7 Comments

Two things happened last week. Firstly, I caught my husband, my Mum and my little girl curled up on the sofa giggling over an album of old photos. Secondly, the poppies began to bloom in the fields where we live. So I got the chance to 'recreate' one of my favourite childhood memories with my own little girl.

One of the lasting childhood memories that has stayed with me was a trip to Spain with my parents when I was about 4 years old. We left the rainy skies of the UK for one, much longed for, week of sunshine. We drove around in a hire car and one day spotted a sea of red poppies in a field. Dad parked up and squealing with delight, I jumped out of the car, my little blue plastic basket in hand and ran into the field to pick these amazing red flowers that I had never seen before! 

I still remember the warm air, the sun beating down and those red flowers that seemed to wilt and turn squishy as soon as I picked them. My Dad captured this with our little Olympus Trip camera (the field of poppies is behind him) and so the moment was recorded. PhotoScan (2)PhotoScan (2)

Fast forward thirty-something years and picture us driving home from a visit to Northern France. You could tell as soon as we headed south of Lyon that we were entering a different climate. Windows wound down, coats and jumpers off to reveal t-shirts, we looked out the window as we approached home and saw a sea of red poppies in bloom, which hadn't been there when we left one week earlier. My little girl begged to be allowed to pick some. So we returned the next day, her little basket in hand and raced each other to get to those poppies. The icing on the cake was this incredible sky! One of the happiest of shared moments and now a treasured memory that I hope she will still remember in thirty years' time.

Poppies 1 Full resPoppies 1 Full res

Please take a moment to visit the incredibly talented artist and friend Lori McLellan, Calgary area photographer who is next in the circle this month.



Amy Smith(non-registered)
This is such a wonderful story that has come full circle. I love that you can connect and share this with your sweet girl.
Lori McLellan(non-registered)
What a sweet story - I think one of the best things about having kids is being able to share those childhood memories with them and watch them enjoy the things you enjoyed as a kid. The image you captured of your daughter is stunning, I hope you print that and put it up on a wall.
Janet Broughton(non-registered)
Beautiful images and sentiment!
Joan Showers(non-registered)
What a sweet story and sweet memory. I love your timing with your photos and I love your sky. How do I access your store?
Wow Jill - amazing is the right word for your photo; your use of perspective really adds to the drama. Nice job, and your sky overlays look great. I’ll keep them in mind next time I’m struggling with a sky!
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