Serenity Circle - February 2019

February 20, 2019  •  11 Comments

Whenever I need to regain my inner calm, there's one place above all others that I like to go - the beach. No matter what the weather, a walk along the beach never fails to make me feel better. The fresh air, the wide open space which makes my problems suddenly seem so insignificant in the great scheme of things and the rhythmic sound of the waves which soothes my nerves....

photography mentoring and overlaysImage 2


I try to take the time to notice the little details, such as the tiny footprints of the birds in the wet sand and the crunching of the shells underfoot near the water's edge. I record these moments with my camera. Just the simple act of setting up my camera makes me slow down and focus on the moment in hand. 

beach photography, mentoring and overlays in FranceImage 1beach photography in the south of France

Image 3Image 3 Where's the one place you like to go when you need some serenity? 

Please visit the talented Wendy May, Still life photographer who is next in our circle.


Jessica Verdière(non-registered)
I really can feel the calm. Thanks for this. Jessica
Oh goodness, these are just gorgeous. I love the one with the bird's footprint. So awesome.

Thank you for sharing, and I am so thrilled you are joining us this month.
It seems as though you and I were on the same wavelength this month. I love being by the water, too.
Nancy Armstrong(non-registered)
Jill, you've captured the mood of the beach wonderfully; I love the mood you've created with your narrow range of focus and desaturated images. Very peaceful!
Lori McLellan(non-registered)
Jill, these details are so great! they are the kind of things I try to capture on the beach but find difficulty with it. I'm seeing a repeating theme amongst us all, finding calm by the water!
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