Serenity Circle November 2019 - Let's go outside

November 20, 2019  •  8 Comments

If you know my work at all by now, you know that being outside is my happy place and that walking is my usual route to serenity. Or as much of it as can be found around here!

Last week was cold but sunny, with no snow on the mountains yet, so we wrapped up warm and took the opportunity to drive up the winding mountain roads to the forest. Were we live, we are surrounded by vineyards, which can be pretty, but it's nice to have a change of scene and we're lucky to live only half an hour away from the mountains. Fortunately, hubby is a much braver driver than I am and didn't seem to mind too much tackling the hairpin bends to get to this view!

View from Foret des EcrivainsView from Foret des Ecrivains

A little bit higher up and we were able to park the car and take a walk through the forest. The sun kept playing hide and seek, which made it all the sweeter when I managed to capture our little one backlit by the sun.


My little girl enjoyed collecting chestnuts, acorns and fallen leaves.

ChataignesChataignes Did I mention that it was cold?! After an hour, even my normally cold-resistant hubby felt it was time to go, so we made our way back to the car, more chilled that when we had left, but happily in more ways than one. 

Hector and SophieHector and Sophie

Please follow the circle to find out where my friend Nancy Armstrong, Kansas City photographer has been finding Serenity this month.





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Joan Showers(non-registered)
Jill, what a different view of your wonderful word. I enjoyed seeing that sweet face again. She's so beautiful.
What beautiful documentation of a lovely autumn day!
Jill that first image is just beautiful and is so serene!
Nancy Armstrong(non-registered)
Wow Jill, what wonderful landscapes to have so nearby - love the light you captured in all of them.
Lori McLellan(non-registered)
What beautiful light and location! Isn't a change of scenery inspiring? I really love her red coat amongst all the green and yellow colours.
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